SALEM Brotherhood Uganda Ltd is managed on day to day work by a Ugandan team. This team is headed by the Director who is assisted by two deputies. One of these deputies is responsible for general administration and the other for human resource issues. The Medical coordinator is the head of the technical hospital team who is assisted by one Hospital Administrator. The 13 heads of departments are responsible for governing on the daily operations in their respective departments andonce in a month they meet for the planning and coordination of all internal structures. The departments include Accountancy, Child Care, Community Based Services, Forestry, Guest House, Nursery School, Nursing School, Medical Care, Hospital, Security, Technical, Tailoring, Stores.

Medeyi Denis (Director), Taliba Ruth (Stores), Mbulamani Jeremiah (Children’s Home), Kakai Consolet (Forestry), Achom Kevin (Incharge Hospital), Asio Sarah (Guest House), Nandala Asha (Nursery School), Kagane Catherine (Hospital Administration), Namajja Milly (Accountancy), Kamuyat Naigaga (Tailoring), Natiwa Peter (human resource issues), Nandala Peter (Technical), Masimo Joshua (Security)
not present: Bingi Else (Guest House), Nalubega Victoria (Nursing School), Kalaja James (community based services)

The organisation management also welcomes the presence of other subcommittees instituted by Government policies that do the advisory role; e.g. The Hospital Management committee and the Children’s home Management Committee.

The executive board is finally supported by the Board of Directors that ensures establishing broad policies and objectives. The Board is also responsible for reviewing the overall performance of the organisation in addition to approving annual budgets and ensuring the availability and proper management of all the financial resources.

All these play a very important role in policy formulation and interpretations.