Dear SALEM friends,

I’m pleased to welcome you to the important occasion when Salem Brotherhood Uganda is celebrating her 40 years of working for love and peace in the Eastern part of Uganda the Elgon region “Mbale”. We reflect on the SALEM Mandate as a non-government Organisation promoting livelihood activities.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all teams for entrusting me to serve at the top position of the Director. When I was appointed in 2001 to the position, it was a big challenge to me with a public health background and SALEM being a multifaced organisation. However, I vowed my commitment to execute the duties of this position to the best of my ability and with the support of many people in walking this journey it has been of great value.

Let me use this opportunity to commend the SALEM community in Uganda and SALEM Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Mr. Joseph Balisanyuka and his entire team, the SALEM International team, partner teams who work tirelessly to ensure SALEM is well represented and for resource mobilization and advocacy.

On this note I do specifically thank the heads of departments, the committees for the good work done for the 40 years now.

In the same spirit our partners / funders remain significant in all we have been able to do and achieve thus far and we appreciate in a special way.

Our line ministries in Uganda-Kampala, the NGO Bureau, the Local Governments for the good engagement and support to our SALEM work. I also in a special way recognize the full support and due engagement by our founders SALEM International Mr. Samuel Müller, Tukolere Wamu e.V. Germany – Gertrud Schweizer-Ehrler, Lebenszeichen Afrika, Carl-Wilhelm B., Professor Peter Schmieg and Christina Schmieg, Youth with Mission UK Rev. Thomas Andi, Association for Helping Young Women, Mount Elgon Tree planting Enterprise (METGE) re; Welsh Government.

SALEM started in this little Uganda Village Kolonyi in 1981 with six basic objectives aimed at delivering value to people of Uganda through health care and social-economic sustainable transformation. SALEM institution from under a tree is now an administrative unit of local council 1 and a parish is also called SALEM. This symbolizes the appreciation of SALEM work by the local Government.

Salem Brotherhood has continued to link the people of this region to various livelihood opportunities in:

-          Medical care

-          Children and youth welfare

-          Environmental protection

-          Education and

-          Community based health care support.

Ladies and Gentlemen, SALEM has continued to execute value addition programs/projects and other initiatives that benefit the very troubled and challenged community members. Such as provision of improved health care services, integrated community social service schemes, Child/ Youth welfare care and support services both at institutional and community based, planning and developing sustainable development projects.

I would like to say that a conducive supported environment will enable prosperity of SALEM work, foster job creation initiatives for the population hence economic growth. At SALEM we are putting skills development at the center of our priorities as evidenced by the adoption of the Apprenticeship and Graduate Volunteer framework. I now call upon all partners, staff to promote these initiatives to enhance productivity for the population in this region by use of Salem Brotherhood.

I wish all members; readers prosperous celebrations and we pledge to enhance service delivery for the advancement of our communities.


Denis Medeyi

Director Salem Brotherhood Uganda